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Years ago we waited until August to start perch fishing Big Stone but not anymore.  For the last few years the perch seem to take off right after the spawn.  I’ve said it a thousand times, if perch fishing Big Stone get rid of the bobbers.  Tungsten jigs with spikes or a 1/16 oz jig and minnow fished vertically are great.  Anglers are asking me if the Bug Bull Bluegills are biting on Big Stone and they are when you find them.  These big males are the nest protectors so please take a picture and release them.  Once they’re gone so is the trophy bluegill fishery. – Fishermens Net Guide Service, LLC, submitted June 29, 2022

Perch – It is typical that this time of year the perch are a little slower.  I have had some reports of perch being caught but it seems like there is a lot of sorting going on.  Smaller tungsten jigs or shucks lures with spikes.  Sometimes minnows work also.  This is on the boat but we also have had reports of perch from the dock.  Blue Gills – The bluegill bite has been great this spring/summer.  A lot of times people are using a bobber with a plain hook and small leech or night crawlers.  Sometimes even fishing with your perch equipment will pick up some bluegill too.  Walleye – Is a little tough right now with all the weeds that are on the lake.  Some options are trying to find the weed line and trolling on that or casting shallow shad raps where the weeds are under water a little bit.  Large Mouth Bass – We have been getting reports of bass being caught from boats casting into docks and also people casting from docks.  The large mouth is such a fun fish to catch and has a great fight. – Schmidt’s Landing, submitted June 27, 2022

Fishermens Net Guide Service, LLC, Watertown:  605-881-3379,
Schmidt’s Landing, Big Stone City:  605-432-6911,

Bitter Lake is producing some nice walleye limits.  Several reports by fishermen that have been catching limits of walleyes.  Some northerns are being caught too. – Bitter Lake Lodge, submitted June 27, 2022

Bitter Lake Lodge, Waubay:  605-947-5005,

Fishing has been somewhat consistent here at Lake Poinsett.  I am not sure what methods are being used to catch walleye, but I am hearing they are in deeper water. – SD GF&P, Lake Poinsett Recreation Area, submitted June 28, 2022.

This week the fishing has started to slow down, water temps are pushing 76 degrees.  We are finding the fish deeper pulling plugs or live bait.  Pike are still on fire along with the white bass.  Crappies and perch are slow. – SD Guided Fishing, submitted June 27, 2022

SD GF&P, Lake Poinsett Recreation Area, Arlington:  605-983-5085,
South Dakota Guided Fishing, Estelline:  605-201-7299,

Continued good shore fishing for bluegill and bass.  Walleyes have moved into deeper water during the day.  Morning-evening bite best.  Crawlers and crankbaits are both producing fish.  Water levels are near normal. – Wing N Fin Resort, submitted June 23, 2022

Wing N Fin Resort, Browns Valley, MN:  605-237-8323,

The cold front that went through confused the fish for a couple hours this last week, but they continue to bring limits in, just takes a little longer.  The weeds are beginning to grow, so you need to fish on the edge of the weed lines.  Leeches seem to be the bait of choice on Lynn.  This is the norm.  We have seen a few panfish, but the water temps need to be a little higher for that bite to really get going.  Morning and evening are generally the best times to be fishing. 
A reminder that 132A is still closed and was barricaded into Middle Lynn from the east.  Lynn Township has informed us that trespassers will be prosecuted for removing the barricades and the Road Closed signs.  They are working on a solution.  Please be patient…. – Lynn Lake Lodge, submitted June 27, 2022

Lynn Lake Lodge, Webster:  605-345-4564,

We have had an abundance of anglers with the majority of them catching their daily limits on walleye.  Morning and evening bite has been best.  Bitter has been producing larger walleye 18”++.  Anything seems to be working from plastics, plugs, and spinners with worms or leeches, 14 to 20 feet deep.  Waubay’s walleye bite is good but smaller sizes.  Lynn Lake northern bite is hot with some walleye.  Rush Lake North walleye bite is good – 15-20” common, with some perch.  Enemy Swim is slow.  The weather looks good for this coming week so bite should remain steady. – The Galley Hotel, Bar & Grill, submitted June 29, 2022

With the gale force winds last weekend, fishing pressure was certainly on the light side.  Bitter Lake still seems to be the hot lake in NE South Dakota.  Pulling crankbaits and spinners with crawlers is working well.  Other lakes are producing too.  Indian Springs, North and South Rush, Lynn Lake and Kampeska although on Kampeska you’ll have to sort through a lot of fish.  There is also a sizable population of crappies but most seem to be in the 10” range.  Lake Poinsett hosted a Bass Tournament last weekend and some very nice smallmouth bass were caught.  Check it out! – Fishermens Net Guide Service, LLC, submitted June 29, 2022

Good crowds with a very busy June.  Water levels are still high.  The Middle Lynn east access is unavailable as the road is out of commission.  Bitter remains a good choice.  Some wind issues but guys have been handling it well.  Waubay is still a good choice.  Seeing some smaller fish but still a fair amount of walleye.  Hazelden, Opitz and Indian Springs are still good choices.  Seeing a little bit of bluegill activity on Clear, Buffalo and Enemy Swim.  Northern pike are still biting on the lakes too.  – Sportsman’s Cove, submitted June 27, 2022

Well the temperature has sure skyrocketed this last week!  This fishing has been very good despite the warm temperatures and the wind.  Lakes that are producing are:  Thompson, Poinsett, Casey’s, Alice, Bitter, Waubay, Rush, Big Stone, Dry 1, Dry 2, Clear, Goose, Whitewood and 81 ponds.  Anglers have been pulling live bait (leeches and worms) and pulling plugs.  It sounds like everyone that has been able to get out onto the lakes have been having great luck!  – Double P Ranch, submitted June 22, 2022

Double P Ranch, Clark:  651-261-2488,
Fishermens Net Guide Service, LLC, Watertown:  605-881-3379,
Sportsman's Cove, Webster:  605-345-2468,
The Galley Hotel, Bar & Grill, Webster:  605-345-9989,

SD Game, Fish & Parks Weekly Report

The following Weekly Report is provided by South Dakota Game, Fish & Parks. 
Click here for the complete report for June 28, 2022.

For more information on fishing in the region, visit SD Game, Fish & Parks.