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Fishing Reports

Who's ready for some ice fishing?!  While ice is being made day by day, regular reports will resume once safe ice forms.

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We haven't heard much about the fishing here on Poinsett, but at our park boat ramp, we noticed someone tried driving out and got caught in a slush pocket in the ice.  Something for the public to be aware of when driving on the ice! – SD GF&P, Lake Poinsett Recreation Area, submitted January 23, 2023

SD GF&P, Lake Poinsett Recreation Area, Arlington:  605-983-5085,

Lots of family fun these last weeks with big groups in snow bears chasing the fish.  Some found them, some didn't but they all had a ball.  The best bites have been on Waubay (south end) and Bitter.  Not seeing a lot of perch but someone found the crappies yesterday.  Spikes seem to be the key.  Make sure you bring your shovels.  We have about 15 inches of snow on the ground, some drifts on the ice, so steer around them if possible.  Milder temps last week made for some great days to get out on the ice. – Lynn Lake Lodge, submitted January 23, 2023

Lynn Lake Lodge, Webster:  605-345-4564,

There's a good bite on Bitter.   A lot of walleye but they're short, below 14 inches, so a lot of sorting.  Mostly active in the morning or evenings.  Haven't heard much on perch.  Waubay is still a good choice for walleye.  Again, active in the mornings and evenings.  It's a good year and we have a lot of northern pike in the region.  We have a fair amount of snow so make sure to bring a shovel and tow rope.   – Sportsman’s Cove, submitted January 25, 2023

Boy it is difficult getting around on the area lakes.  Tracks are a must and even then lots of slush pockets to deal with.  As for the fishing, Waubay has been a hit or miss for walleye.  13-15 inch fish and the perch are pretty picky and a real soft bite, but nice fish 10-11 inch class.  Most of the small area lakes are not very easy to get on.  So fishing has been mostly Waubay, Bitter, and any lake close to a main road.  We have been pretty good on panfish as well as pike and really good on walleye early in the ice fishing season.  - Fish Hunter Guide Service, submitted January 23, 2023

Fish Hunter Guide Service, Watertown:  605-881-3854,
Sportsman's Cove, Webster:  605-345-2468,

Protect our waters from invasive species.  Leave all plugs out until you reach the boat ramp.  Don't move lake water.  That includes bait water.

CLEAN - All plants, animals, and mud from the boat, trailer, and gear.

DRAIN - All water by removing plugs, opening valves, and lowering motors.

DRY - Interior compartments and bilge area with a sponge or towel.

Click here to view the Glacial Lakes & Prairies Lake Map.  This map includes all the lakes in northeast South Dakota. 

Click here to view the back of the Glacial Lakes & Prairies Lake Map.  This includes information on each lake, including fish, docks, etc.  (Please note:  may include information that may be out of date)

SD Game, Fish & Parks Weekly Report

The following Weekly Report is provided by South Dakota Game, Fish & Parks. 
Click here for the complete report for the week of January 23, 2023.

For more information on fishing in the region, visit SD Game, Fish & Parks.