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Bitter Lake has just started getting some fishermen out.  There have been some reports of a few walleyes and northerns.  Warmer temps should increase fishing productivity. - Submitted by Bitter Lake Lodge, April 5, 2021

Bitter Lake Lodge, Waubay:  605-947-5005,

Cold temps and snow have really slowed things down.  Brave group in this week catching some northerns, but really just too cold to do much.  GF&P are collecting spawn on Lynn this week.  Otherwise quiet.  Looking forward to some warmer temps in the next 7 days. - Submitted by Lynn Lake Lodge, April 21, 2021

Lynn Lake Lodge, Webster:  605-345-4564,

Not a lot to talk about this week with the bad weather.  It's cold windy and raw.  Water temp was in the upper 40's, but with the cold snap, is now lower.  Looking forward to warmer weather. - Submitted by Sportsman's Cove, April 13, 2021

The lakes are almost ice free.  I have seen some shore fishing taking place in mornings and evenings.  I expect the boat fishermen may be giving it a try by next week.  The pike are in their spawning phase and the walleye will be following shortly.  So if this weather continues to stay warm - we should witness an early spring bite.  So get the open water equipment ready to go.  - Submitted by Fish Hunter Guide Service, April 2, 2021

Fish Hunter Guide Service, Lake City:  605-448-5751,

Sportsman's Cove, Webster:  605-345-2468,

SD Game, Fish & Parks Weekly Report

The following Weekly Report is provided by South Dakota Game, Fish & Parks. 
Click here for the complete report for April 20, 2021.

For more information on fishing in the region, visit SD Game, Fish & Parks.