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The fishing has still been up and down but we are hopeful that it will keep getting better as we get closer to Labor Day!  The perch bite is starting to get better.  Mostly people have been using spikes and waxworms but minnows have once in awhile worked but as perch get more aggressive, it will get better.  The tackle used has been smaller tungsten jigs, and shucks lures.  The depth has been about 12-14 feet.  Bluegill also have been biting on night crawlers and wax worms.  You can use a plain hook and a bobber.  Largemouth Bass has also been biting.  You can try casting into the shore or near docks.  Walleye has slowed down a little but people are still finding them using bottom bouncers, spinners, and night crawlers. - Schmidt's Landing, submitted August 17, 2023

Schmidt's Landing, Big Stone City:  605-432-6911,

Bite has returned!  Recent rains and cooler temps have both water clarity and fishing much improved.  Mixed bag of all species is being reported.  Walleye, northern, panfish and catfish.  Both live and artificial baits are producing fish.  Most fish are being found in 9'+ depth, with panfish over rock structure and clay flats with vegetation.  Cold water inlets are always a good bet for northern this time of year.  Shore fishing is also improving with minnows. - Wing N Fin Resort, submitted September 7, 2023

Wing N Fin Resort, Browns Valley, MN:  605-237-8323,

Waiting for the water temps to go down.  On the upside, they are catching a ton of under-size walleyes on Lynn, which is going to be great for next summer.  Still seeing a few NICE walleyes in the evenings.  Middle Lynn seems to be picking up again.  Finding some limits of perch on smaller bodies of water.  Minnows have been a better bait to use this last week.– Lynn Lake Lodge, submitted August 28, 2023

Lynn Lake Lodge, Webster:  605-345-4564,

Dry 2 - walleyes are slow, pike is good, find weed edges pulling bait or slip corking.  Indian - pull along weed edges 8-10 foot of water will find some eyes.  Dry 1 by Clark - is very weedy, have to find clean pockets in the weeds will find some walleyes.  Waubay - cranking plugs in the deep basins.  Bitter - finding fish on deep breaks leading up to weeding edges.  Goose Lake ramp is very bad but walleye bite is fair.  Big Stone - perch and bluegill bite starting to pick up. - Double P Ranch, Submitted August 24, 2023.

Tough week again this week, it's pretty quiet with the heat.  Waubay and Bitter are still the better choices.  Bitter has a decent bite but a lot of sorting.  A lot of fish in that 12 inch range.  Clear Lake is seeing some bluegill along with Roy, Buffalo and Enemy Swim.  Once it starts to cool down we should see more activity.  Water temps are still in the mid 70's. – Sportsman’s Cove, submitted August 24, 2023

Waubay Lake is fair for eyes pulling live bait and plugs up by Wika's and down in dunholm.  Lots of small mouths on the north end of Bitter.  Minnewasta is slow for walleyes with a few perch and couple bass mixed in.  Bitter is good for walleyes, lots of sorting 15-22 foot of water.  Blue Dog is decent for perch and northern bite going on and a few walleye. - The Galley Hotel, Bar & Grill, submitted August 24, 2023

Double P Ranch, Clark:  605-880-0408,
Sportsman's Cove, Webster:  605-345-2468,
The Galley Hotel, Bar & Grill, Webster:  605-345-9989,

Protect our waters from invasive species.  Leave all plugs out until you reach the boat ramp.  Don't move lake water.  That includes bait water.

CLEAN - All plants, animals, and mud from the boat, trailer, and gear.

DRAIN - All water by removing plugs, opening valves, and lowering motors.

DRY - Interior compartments and bilge area with a sponge or towel.

Click here to view the Glacial Lakes & Prairies Lake Map.  This map includes all the lakes in northeast South Dakota. 

Click here to view the back of the Glacial Lakes & Prairies Lake Map.  This includes information on each lake, including fish, docks, etc.  (Please note:  may include information that may be out of date)

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