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*PSA* About Ice ROAD safety (from Just Lake It with Katie Hansen)
Please read the following about speed and etiquette on Ice Roads....U.S. Army researchers discovered that wave action may crack the ice if the vehicle is moving at a "critical speed." Speeds at or above this critical speed substantially increases the danger of cracking.  It is recommended that you drive 10 to 15 mph under most circumstances. Following closely behind other cars is not recommended, since you may interrupt their wave action with your own, causing a break in what would otherwise be sound ice. Also keep in mind speeding or improper ice road procedures may result in the loss of your property and potentially your life and the life of others with you.....By driving fast on ICE ROAD you are putting everyone at danger, and taking potentially safe ice and turning it into a potential for disaster.

Fishing has been up and down the last week.  The bait of choice has been wax worms for perch and blue gill.  With these cold temperatures and high winds, the roads on the lake won’t be plowed until Thursday.  Trucks have been traveling on the roads but if you have a snowmobile or other vehicle with tracks, is the easiest way to travel on the lake to be able to stay mobile.  – Submitted by Schmidt’s Landing, January 29, 2019

Schmidt’s Landing, Big Stone City:  605-432-6911,

Had a few reports of walleyes and perch being caught.  Travel on lake with the snow conditions hampers travel on most areas of the lake. – Submitted by Bitter Lake Lodge, February 11, 2019

Small walleyes caught on main lake, more and larger walleyes on west end and also perch. – Submitted by Just Lake It with Katie Hansen, January 29, 2019

Bitter Lake Lodge, Waubay:  605-947-5005,
Just Lake It with Katie Hansen, Watertown:  605-868-2225,

Travel in the Clark area lakes is nearly impossible without tracks.  You will not be able to get onto Dry by Willow Lake, Indian springs, or local sloughs without an incredible amount of effort.  Some guys have pulled skid house with tracked ATV’s.  Most fishermen have been forced to fish farther south.  We are still able to travel with 4 wheel trucks on the farther south lakes such as Lake Thompson (west of Lake Preston) and Spirit Lake (north of De Smet).  We are still getting some limits of eater size walleyes in that area along with a few jumbo perch daily.  A few guys are catching large crappie after dark on Lake Thompson in 19 feet of water.  The guys who have tracks have been running and gunning perch very consistently on Poinsett, Thompson and Spirit Lake.  – Submitted by Double P Ranch, February 19, 2019

Double P Ranch, Clark:  507-848-3210,

The hardest part of fishing right now is getting on the lakes.  It seems to be blowing everyday and snowing every other day.  The fishermen that made it out speared a few Northern.  Also a few perch were caught.  Once again, we recommend track vehicles if you are heading this way.  Remember, a bad day of fishing is still better than a good day at work!  Tip of the Week:  Be prepared to spend the night in your vehicle if you get stuck.  – Submitted by Hidden Hill Lodge, February 13, 2019

Hidden Hill Lodge, Roslyn:  605-550-0445,

There are numerous paths starting at Black Claw.  (no plowed roads)  The paths are good and go all the way from one end to the other, easy to get around with a 4x4 vehicle.  Lots of northern caught just off the old road beds in 4 to 5 feet of water, and walleyes in main basin. – Submitted by Just Lake It with Katie Hansen, February 5, 2019

Just Lake It with Katie Hansen, Watertown:  605-868-2225,

Access to the ice continues to be the issue.  Four wheelers with tracks, snowmobiles or walk-on are pretty much your only options.  We hear there are a few plowed paths on Bitter.  Perch are biting on Lynn, just a lot of sorting, but at least there is activity.  Consider bringing extensions soon.  Spring run-off is going to be fantastic! – Submitted by Lynn Lake Lodge, February 18, 2019

Lynn Lake Lodge, Webster:  605-345-4564,

Lots of fresh snow, if you have a 4x4, stay on the trails.  Be prepared!  There’s been reports of winter kill on several sloughs/ponds. (Shallower bodies of water)  Waubay, Bitter and Little Clear lake have the strongest bite going on right now. – Just Lake It with Katie Hansen, February 12, 2019

We received a couple more inches of snow last night, making about 4 inches this week.  It’s difficult to get around on the lakes.  If you are not on an established trail, it’s difficult.  If you have tracks, ATV or snowmobile, you have more opportunities and more success.  We had a few guys going to Bitter Lake, Big Stone and Pickerel but reports are hard to come by due to the weather lately.– Submitted by Sportsman’s Cove, February 12, 2019

This recent weather has sure made things more difficult for fishing.  The latest update – we have received about 42 inches of snow this winter and the air temp. (at night) has been below zero for almost three weeks.  Fishing has been slow because of the ability to get around on the area lakes and the inability to fish outside of an ice shack.  However, the panfish bite has been okay and the pike have been cooperative.  The walleye action has been slow.  If you are planning a trip to fish in our region, I would certainly call ahead and talk to someone from our area to check on lake conditions.  – Submitted by Fish Hunter Guide Service, February 10, 2019

Fish Hunter Guide Service, Lake City:  605-448-5751,
Just Lake It with Katie Hansen, Watertown:  605-868-2225,

Sportsman’s Cove, Webster:  605-345-2468,

SD Game, Fish & Parks Weekly Report

The following Weekly Report is provided by South Dakota Game, Fish & Parks. 
Click here for the complete report for February 20, 2019.

For more information on fishing in the region, visit SD Game, Fish & Parks.