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Day County History

Population:  5,710
County Seat:  Webster
Square Miles:  1,029

Day County was the home of the Sisseton Sioux Indians for many years, and the site of a trading post by Major Joseph Brown in the 1830's and of the explorations of Fremont and Nicollet in 1838.  The first permanent settler was a French fur trader, Francoise Rondell, in 1868 on Rush Lake.  Originally name Greeley County, it was later named Day County after Merritt H. Day, a pioneer settler and Democratic legislator.  Day County has more natural lakes than any other county in the state.  Many of these lakes were named by the Indians such as "Blue Dog" and "Pickerel," and for old Indian legends such as "Enemy Swim."  Blue Dog Lake has a fish hatchery.  Waubay Lake is the site of a 1,500 acre Federal Migratory Waterfowl Refuge.

Day County History

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Webster, SD 57274
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