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UPDATED: December 15th, 2014 

Weather Forecast:
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Brown County:
All lakes froze over last week.  Ice is not safe to venture on.

Clark County:
No fishing report.  The lakes are freezing over and ice conditions are unsafe.

Codington County:
There is little to no activity throughout the area.  We are transitioning to ice-fishing and some are starting to venture out.  Use caution as ice conditions vary. 

Grant County: 
Big Stone Lake:
Ice conditions still are unfavorable at this time.  The Perch bite should be pretty good again this winter.  There have been geese wtill utilizing the lake, so the ice thickness will be inconsistent. 

Hamlin County:
There is little to no activity throughout the area.  Ice is forming, but use caution as conditions vary.

Marshall County:
Some fishing activity has been observed.  Please use caution!  Ice has formed on most bodies of water across the county.  Ice conditions are unsafe and variable.

Day County:
All small and large bodies of water have frozen.  There are a few small pockets of open water that can be found on Waubay and Bitter.  All fishermen should use extreme caution when ice fishing, especially this early in November.  Ice fishermen have been fishing small bodies of water, but no reports have been taken to date.

Deuel County:
Ice conditions are getting better, but please continue to use caution on all lakes.  Ice thickness is about an average of 5 inches.

Faulk County:
There is little to no fishing throughout the area as ice if forming.

McPherson & Edmunds Counties:
There is 3 to 4 inches of ice.  use caution.

Roberts County:
No activity due to poor ice conditions.

Spink County:
Ice is new and thin on a lot of areas.  Use caution.

Bitter Lake, Blue Dog Lake & Waubay Lake area: (Courtesy of Circle Pines Motel 1-877-324-5161)
Circle Pine Motel  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it 1-877-324-5161
December 15th, 2014:  Fishing was pretty good at area lakes this past weekend.  Enemy Swim was very good for bluegill.  The north end of Waubay Lake was quite good for perch and walleye and some folks did well on the SW corner of Bitter Lake.  We have mixed reports on ice conditions with 12-14 inches in some places and less than 6 inches on others.  Caution is advised with foot traffic or ATV for a while.

Bitter Lake
(Courtesy of Bitter Lake Lodge (605)-947-5005 ) 
November 19th, 2014:  There is some good ice forming with the colder temperatures.  4" currently in most areas with ice changing daily.

Waubay Lakes, Horseshoe Lake, Antelope Lake, & Pickerel Lake areas:
Sportsman's Cove Sportsman's Cove,  (1-605-345-2468) (Sportsman's Cabin available for up to 7 people. For rental information call 605-380-7590.)
November 21st, 2014:  Ice is ranging between 6 to 8 inches with some spots thickening to 10 inches.  Waubay Lake and Bitter Lake are capped over.  A few fishermen have been seen with 4 wheelers but walking is recommended. 

Grenville Sport Mart
(Courtesy of Grenville Sport Mart and Waubay Lake Lodging, 1-605-486-4641)  We have house rentals available.
July 1st, 2014:  Waubay has good bite early mornings and late evenings for walleyes and some perch.  Silver bass still biting strong with nice small mouths as well!!!

Clark Area, Double P Ranch: Double P Ranch Lodge:  (651-357-2764);

November 19th, 2014:  There are warmer spots on the lakes so people ned to beware.
Dry Lake (Willow Lake):  No report
Dry Lake (Clark): No report.
Indian Springs:  We have 8" of ice and there have been fishermen, although we do not have any reports.
Make Double P Ranch your ice fishing headquarters only minutes away from the hot action.

Lake Traverse, MN
(Courtesy of Todd Johnson at Wing N Fin Resort on Lake Traverse.  605-237-8323)
November 19th, 2014:  Reports of good walleye fishing on minnows.  Public access areas walk-on w/portables.  Northern pike on tip-ups N chubs.  Most fishing is within 500' of shore.  Appx. 4" of good ice and growing.
For more information, call Todd @ cell 605-237-8323, e-mail This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or visit

Eden, South Dakota  
Joe Honer  
No report.

Gary Gangle, Fish Hunter Guide Service 

December 9th, 2014:  The ice is about 11-14 inches thick.  Good ice.  The panfish bite has been excellent for perch, crappie and bluegill.  The walleye bite has been solid on most of the area lakes, especially in the evenings in shallow water.  And if you are looking for nice pike, 3-7 lb. fish have been very cooperative.

Be sure to follow the daily action on our Facebook page - Fish Hunter Guide Service or our website recent photos of the good fishing.  If you are thinking about booking a ice fishing trip, now is the time to do it.  We hope to see you on the ice.  For personal fishing information, please call 605-448-5751 and ask for Gary or Scott or e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Waubay Lake Guide Service
Cory Ewing
(605) 929-3894,
July 1st, 2014:  The walleye bite around the Webster, Waubay area continues to be very strong.  Waubay Lake is still putting out good numbers of walleyes, and we are starting to see some perch as well.  Swan Lake has a fair bite going for walleyes, as well as Piyas Lake which is doing good for eater size walleyes and 9 to 11 inch perch.  Keep in mind that you will need a tribal permit to use the north boat ramp access on Piyas Lake.  If you would like more information on a guided fishing trip in the Glacial Lakes region, please give me a call.  Good luck out there!

81 Ponds:
Walleyes fair and a few perch west pond.  A few perch east pond.

Antelope Lake:
Little activity.

Big Stone Lake:
The perch bite continues to be decent.  Most anglers have been focusing towards the southern end of the lake near the rearing ponds lake access.  The fish seem to be biting thoughout the day, but the best bite has been mid-afternoon.  Small jigs with spikes seem to be working the best.  The size range really varies, but you can count on catching a loto f smaller perch with plenty of bigger ones mixed in.  No reports of walleye activity as most anglers are targeting the perch.

Bitter Lake:
Anglers are seeing some success catching quality perch and the occasional keeper walleye.

Blue Dog Lake:
Walleyes fair.

Casey's Slough:
Fishermen are catching walleye.  The walleye are averaging on the smaller side with a few nice fish being caught.

Cattail Lake:

Cottonwood Lake:
Ice is around a foot thick.  A few vehicles are driving out on the ice.  Use extreme caution!

Dry Lake #1 (Clark):
A few walleyes.

Dry Lake #3 (Florence):
Few walleyes.

Dry Lake #2 (Willow Lake):
Walleyes and perch fair.

Enemy Swim:
Fishing pressure increased this last weekend with anglers having some success catching crappie and bluegill.

Goose Lake:
Busy with a few walleye being caught in the evenings.

Grass Lake:
A few fishermen are catching some walleye in the mornings.

Horseshoe Lake:
Few walleyes.

Indian Springs: P
erch and walleye fair.

Kettle Lake:

Lake Hendricks:
A few perch.

Lake Kampeska:
A few walleyes and pike.

Lake Pelican:
Few walleyes.

Lake Poinsett:
Starting to see a few more shacks out on Poinsett this week.  Reports remain slow with just a few keeper walleye and perch.  Reminder:  There is a 15" minimum length on walleye.

Lake Preston: 

Lake Thompson:
A few walleye and perch.  Crappie fair in Schaeffer's Slough.

Lake Traverse, MN:
Some activity, but action is slow.  Be cautious of the ice conditions.

Lynn Lake:
A few walleyes.

West Oakwood:
A few walleye and perch.

Opitz Lake:
A few walleye are being caught, but slow.

Pickerel Lake:
A few crappies and walleyes.

Piyas Lake:
Some very nice walleye and perch are being caught.

A good catch and release bite for walleye with sizes ranging from 20-25 inches.

Roy Lake:
A few northern pike, perch and walleye are being caught.

A few walleye.

Swan Lake:
Few walleyes.

Waubay Lake:
Anglers are starting to branch out from the Grenville grade to the south near Buckshot's Landing and west of the refuge.  Anglers are catching some nice perch and numerous small walleye.

Fair for perch and a few walleye.

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