Fishing Reports

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UPDATED: October 20, 2016 

Weather Forecast:

Weather for the 7 day forecast is as follows: 

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Lake Traverse, MN
(Courtesy of Todd Johnson at Wing N Fin Resort, Hotel and Reunion Hall on Lake Traverse, 605-237-8323,, e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

October 17, 2016:  Excellent fishing!  Walleyes and perch, minnows and jigs.  Bluegills and catfish on crawlers.  Pheasant hunting is good improving with corn harvest.  Some diver ducks and geese appearing with early migration, mallard arrival dependent on weather in Canada.

Lynn Lake Lodge
(Courtesy of Paul and Karen Johnson at Lynn Lake Lodge, Webster, 605-345-4564 or 605-237-0309,
(Someone may have gotten lucky...check out our photos on Lynn Lake Lodge's Facebook page.  The photos tell it all.  Check it out!  Have a great week.)

October 3, 2016:  Walleye fishing has been tremendous.  Everyone is taking home limits.  Hoping this continues till ice-on!

Northeast South Dakota
(Courtesy of Gary and Scott Gangle at Fish Hunter Guide Service, 605-448-5751 or 605-881-3854,
(If you are interested in some good fishing in our Glacial Lakes region, give us a call.  Check out the fishing report on our website or our facebook page)

September 27, 2016:  Water temp. is about 60 degrees.  The lakes will be starting turn over soon if they have not already done so.  The walleye bite has been excellent.  Lots of 15-17 inch fish and several 21-25 inch fish (this past week).  The pike bite is hot with most fish in that 3-5 lbs. class.  And the panfish are still doing well.  The smallmouth are now on their fall patterns.  With the fall weather there should be two to four weeks of great open water fishing left before it gets too cold to be on the open water.  If you are looking for some good fishing this fall, give Scott or Gary a call at 605-881-3854 or follow the action on our website. 

Hidden Hill Lodge:
(Courtesy of Lorrie Sanderson at Hidden Hill Lodge, 605-550-0455,

September 27, 2016:  The bite continues for walleyes.  Limits of walleye are at the top of the list again.  A 26" walleye was the biggest.  Some nice sunnies were also caught.   Tip of the week:  Dress in layers because it's going to be cool and then turn hot more than usual in S.D. for the rest of the soft water season.

Bitter Lake:
(Courtesy of Colin Bronson at Bitter Lake Lodge, 605-947-5005) 

September 26, 2016:  Some limits of walleyes are still being reports.  Some 16"-17" walleyes are being caught as well.  Few perch are also being caught.

Lake Poinsett, Lake Whitewood, Brush Lake area:
(Courtesy of Deb Wingle at Arlington Inn, Arlington, 605-983-4609,

September 26, 2016:  The fishing went well again this week-end.  Lake Poinsett, North west side of the lake.  Sinai, it started slow, but after they were on the lake for a while, it went really well.  Dry Lake #2 is still doing well.

Waubay Lakes, Horseshoe Lake, Antelope Lake, & Pickerel Lake areas:
(Courtesy of Doug Johnson at Sportsman's Cove, 605-345-2468)
(Sportsman's Cabin available for up to 7 people. For rental information call 605-380-7590.)

September 24, 2016:  The winds have really been dictating what the guys do around here lately.  Opitz is doing well with a good bite.  Bitter remains good for walleye but the winds are making it difficult.  Perch have been good on Indian Springs.  Good fishing but you go where the winds will allow you.

Bitter Lake, Blue Dog Lake & Waubay Lake area
(Courtesy of Gary W. Peterson at Circle Pines Motel, 877-324-5161, e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

September 14, 2016:  No report.

Clark Area:  Dry Lake (Willow Lake), Dry Lake (Clark), Indian Springs
(Courtesy of Cyrus Mahmoodi at Double P Ranch Lodge, 651-357-2764,
(Make Double P Ranch your fishing headquarters only minutes away from the hot action.  We have boat rental and guided fishing.)

August 9, 2016:  no report
Dry Lake (Clark): 
Dry Lake (Willow Lake):
Antelope Lake: 

Grenville Sport Mart
(Courtesy of Grenville Sport Mart and Waubay Lake Lodging, 1-605-486-4641.)  We have house rentals available.

July 12, 2016:  No report.

Waubay Lake:
(Courtesy of Cory Ewing at Waubay Lake Guide Service, 605-929-3894,, e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

July 11, 2016:  No report.

81 Ponds: Walleyes good and perch slow.  Slip bobbers from shore - nice walleyes - 2 west ponds.

Big Stone Lake:
Walleyes slow, perch good.  Perch-N of Hartford beach, S of Kasuskies & Gray barn.

Bitter Lake: Walleyes good, perch slow.  Some limits of 14 to 15+ inches

Blue Dog Lake:
Walleyes slow.

Casey's Slough:
Walleyes slow.

Dry Lake #1 (Clark):
Walleyes fair and perch slow. 

Dry Lake #3 (Florence): Walleyes slow, perch slow.

Dry Lake #2 (Willow Lake): Walleyes fair, perch fair.  A few nice walleyes caught.

Enemy Swim:
Walleyes slow, perch slow.

Goose Lake: Walleyes slow, perch slow.  A few walleyes from boat and shore on Grover tar & north gravel.

Horseshoe Lake: Walleyes and perch slow. 

Indian Springs:
Walleye fair, Perch slow.  A few perch & walleyes.

Lake Albert: Walleyes slow, perch slow.

Lake Cochrane:
Walleye slow.

Lake Hendricks: Walleye and perch slow.

Lake Kampeska:
Walleye slow and perch slow.  Lake is 36 inches below full!!!  Hard to launch boats.

Lake Pelican: Walleyes and perch both slow. 

Lake Poinsett:
Walleye good, perch fair.  

Lake Thompson: Walleye slow, perch slow. 

Lake Traverse, MN:
Walleyes slow.

Lynn Lake: Walleyes slow, perch slow.

Opitz: Walleye fair.  Some keeper walleyes caught from shore & boats.

Pickerel Lake: Walleye and Perch slow.

Piyas Lake:
Walleyes slow, perch fair.  State access is open on SW end.  North end needs a tribal license to fish.

Walleye good, perch slow.  A few nice walleyes caught this week.

Roy Lake: Walleyes and Perch slow.

Walleyes slow, perch slow.

Swan Lake:
Walleyes slow, perch slow.  Lake is very hard to launch boats....low water by ramp!!

Waubay Lake:
Walleyes and perch fair. 

Walleye and perch slow.  

Hunting season license deadlines and Applications available on line:
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