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UPDATED:  March 23, 2017 

Weather Forecast:

Weather for the 7 day forecast is as follows:

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Northeast South Dakota
(Courtesy of Gary and Scott Gangle at Fish Hunter Guide Service, 605-448-5751 or 605-881-3854,
(If you are interested in some good fishing in our Glacial Lakes region, give us a call.  Check out the fishing report on our website or our facebook page)

March 23, 2017:  Ice fishing season is over.  I did see some fishermen on the ice today, but I would not recommend anyone to venture out on the ice.  I believe the ice is starting to move and we should see open water in two to three weeks.  A small lake by my house is already about 1/4 open.  As soon as we start open water fishing, I will update a fishing report.

2017 Northeast Glacial Lakes Fishing Forecast -
(Presented by Fishermens Net Guide Service LLC, 605-881-3379)

What I plan to do here for the next few weeks is not to give a fishing report (because we're entering a transition period, ice to open water) but to highlight a few lakes every week and a lake survey history along with my 2017 fishing forecast.  Not only will we visit the more popular lakes, I'll hit some of the lakes that are more off the beaten path.

Week 3 (3-20-17):  A few of the shallow lakes south of Highway 12 froze over again but with the warming weather and high winds, it won't take those long to open up.  Some of the larger bodies of water didn't refreeze. 

For more information on Lake Alice (Deuel County), click here.

Week 2 (3-14-17):  As I write this the wind is blowing 36 mph with wind gusts to over 50.  I'm sure that it's raising havoc with the ice remaining on the lakes.  We're going to see an early ice out this year and that's great!  

For more information on Antelope Lake (Day County) and Lake Kampeska (Codington County), click here.

Week 1 (3-1-17)
:  The ice fishing season is just about over as we've experienced warmer than normal temperatures.  Many anglers are anxiously waiting for ice out so they can get their boat in the water and start chasing their favorite species. 

For more information on Cottonwood Lake (Clark County), Lake Poinsett and Swan Lake, click here.

Bitter Lake:
(Courtesy of Colin Bronson at Bitter Lake Lodge, 605-947-5005) 

March 14, 2017:  Not much fishing going on this past week.  Few fish being caught lately.

Clark Area:  Dry Lake (Willow Lake), Dry Lake (Clark), Indian Springs
(Courtesy of Cyrus Mahmoodi at Double P Ranch Lodge, 651-357-2764,
(Make Double P Ranch your fishing headquarters only minutes away from the hot action.  We have boat rental and guided fishing.)

March 14, 2017:  We have not had anyone ice fishing.  Ice conditions are very poor.

Lynn Lake Lodge
(Courtesy of Paul and Karen Johnson at Lynn Lake Lodge, Webster, 605-345-4564 or 605-237-0309,
(Someone may have gotten lucky...check out our photos on Lynn Lake Lodge's Facebook page.  The photos tell it all.  Check it out!  Have a great week.)

March 13, 2017:  9 inches of snow and lots of wind yesterday stopped the ice fishing.  We checked the ice on Friday up at Lynn, and it was still able to be navigated on foot.  Cold temps and single digits at present, but are expecting it to warm up by the week's end.  We will keep you posted on ice conditions.

Waubay Lakes, Horseshoe Lake, Antelope Lake, & Pickerel Lake areas:
(Courtesy of Doug Johnson at Sportsman's Cove, 605-345-2468)
(Sportsman's Cabin available for up to 7 people. For rental information call 605-380-7590.)

March 7, 2017:  Not many people out ice fishing.  The ice is pretty shaky.  Blue Dog looked tough with open strips.  The ice is less than a foot.  Rush looks bad also.  Report from Waubay Wildlife Refuge says ice is 12-14 inches.  Enemy Swim is also down to about a foot or so less ice.  The access areas are breaking away but some are tight yet.  Use extreme caution and walk out only.  No boatable lakes so far.

Grenville Sport Mart
(Courtesy of Grenville Sport Mart and Waubay Lake Lodging, 1-605-486-4641.)  We have house rentals available.

March 7, 2017:  Walleye are still consistent on Waubay, very few perch, and some crappies.  Some big northern cruising around, received good reports on Roy and Waubay for those.  Buffalo Lake has had good reports on Bluegill, walleye and very few perch.  Ice conditions are starting to diminish due to high winds and warm temps.  Still a lot of 4-wheeler and foot traffic.

Northeast South Dakota:
(Courtesy of Nick Fosness, Northern Lights Inn, Britton, 605-448-2438, )

March 6, 2017:  I was on the ice March 5th with a 4-wheeler east of Britton.  Didn't see less than 14" of ice where I drilled, but there was open water on the sandbar as well as deteriorating shores on many of the lakes I drove by.  Ice honey-combing first few inches.  Water on ice.  Proceed at your own risk, as it's 67 degrees today (March 6th) and was 55 degrees last night with 30+ mph winds.

I think there are still walk-on or 4-wheeler accessible lakes in the northern glacial lakes area, but since common sense isn't common, would only advise walking on, and at a minimum have safety equipment at hand.

Fishing report will be on pause until we get open water.  For a fisherman, it's the worst time of year.  The good news - we have an open walleye season, unlike our friends to the East. 

Hidden Hill Lodge:
(Courtesy of Lorrie Sanderson at Hidden Hill Lodge, 605-550-0455,

February 27, 2017:  No report.

Lake Traverse, MN
(Courtesy of Todd Johnson at Wing N Fin Resort, Hotel and Reunion Hall on Lake Traverse, 605-237-8323,, e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

February 27, 2017:  No report.

Lake Poinsett, Lake Whitewood, Brush Lake area:
(Courtesy of Deb Wingle at Arlington Inn, Arlington, 605-983-4609,

February 20, 2017:  No report.

Bitter Lake, Blue Dog Lake & Waubay Lake area
(Courtesy of Gary W. Peterson at Circle Pines Motel, 877-324-5161, e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

February 6, 2017:  No report.

South Dakota Game, Fish & Parks Weekly Outdoor Report:  Week of March 20, 2017, click here

81 Ponds (Brookings County): 

Big Stone Lake (Roberts County): 

Bitter Lake (Day County):  Very few anglers have been venturing onto the ice.  High winds and warm temperatures from the previous week have deteriorated shorelines on Waubay and Bitter Lake(s). 

Blue Dog Lake (Day County): 

Casey’s Slough (Clark County): 

Dry Lake #1 (Clark County): 

Dry Lake #2 (Clark County): 

Dry Lake #3 (Codington County): 

Enemy Swim Lake (Day County):  Travel on the lake by any means besides by foot is not recommended.

Goose Lake (Codington County): 

Horseshoe (Day County): 

Indian Springs Lake (Clark County):

Lake Albert (Kingsbury County): 

Lake Hendricks (Brookings County): 

Lake Herman (Lake County): .

Lake Kampeska (Codington County): 

Lake Pelican (Codington County): 

Lake Poinsett (Hamlin County):  A few anglers fished through the ice on Poinsett over the weekend.  Sunday was probably the end of being able to venture out on the ice.  Much of the north side is open.  Anglers caught a few walleye over 15 inches and some perch.  Most of the walleye are still under the size limit.

Lake Thompson (Kingsbury County): 

Lake Traverse (Roberts County): 

Lynn Lake (Day County):

Oakwood Lake (Brookings County):  .

Opitz (Marshall County): 

Pickerel Lake (Day County): 

Piyas Lake (Day County):   

Reetz (Day County):

Roy Lake (Marshall County): 

Sinai Lake (Brookings County):

Swan Lake (Clark County): 

Waubay Lake (Day County):  Please see Bitter Lake report.

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