Fishing Reports


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UPDATED: January 30th, 2015 

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Weather Forecast:
Highs for the 7 day forecast are as follows:  low 20's the next 4 days except for Sunday where you can expect a high of 7 as a cold snap comes through.  50% chance of snow Saturday night in to Sunday evening, with another chance of precipitation on Tuesday.  Look for lows to be hovering around the -1 to 7 degrees range.

Please check the local weather channels for more details.

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Ice conditions have declined across the region.  No vehicle travel is advised on all area lakes.

Bitter Lake, Blue Dog Lake & Waubay Lake area: (Courtesy of Circle Pines Motel 1-877-324-5161)
Circle Pine Motel  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it 1-877-324-5161
January 26, 2015:  This weeks report is pretty much the same as last weeks as some anglers did real good and others not so much.  Enemy Swim and Pickerel Lakes continued to be good for Bluegill and Crappie.  Clubhouse Lake near Ft. Sisseton was very good for perch.  There was some pretty good success on walleye and perch on Bitter Lake.  Caution is advised on driving on the ice as ice conditions have deteriorated some particularly on the larger lakes near pressure ridges.

Bitter Lake
(Courtesy of Bitter Lake Lodge (605)-947-5005 ) 
January 30, 2015:  Some keeper walleyes have been reported.  Lots of smaller walleyes.  Good reports on Perch when you can find them.

Waubay Lakes, Horseshoe Lake, Antelope Lake, & Pickerel Lake areas:
Sportsman's Cove Sportsman's Cove,  (1-605-345-2468) (Sportsman's Cabin available for up to 7 people. For rental information call 605-380-7590.)
January 30th, 2015:  The melt didn't effect too much, ice is holding tight to shore.  However, check the ice before driving on it.  Club House Slough has been good but you have to put your time in as it is a slow bite.  Enemy Swim catching blue gill and crappie.  Waubay Lake has been doing well on the south end.  Not much news on Bitter Lake, small walleye, most under 15".  Do not use the Northeast access to Bitter Lake due to bad heaves.  Also seeing quality perch. 

Grenville Sport Mart
(Courtesy of Grenville Sport Mart and Waubay Lake Lodging, 1-605-486-4641)  We have house rentals available.
January 5th, 2015:  Fishing has been pretty slow on this end.  some guys having good luck others not so much, fish seem finicky right now.  Could sure use a little sunshinie!!  Most guys catching perch, crappie and some walleye.

Clark Area, Double P Ranch: Double P Ranch Lodge:  (651-357-2764);

January 30, 2015:  WARNING:  Although vehicles are driving on ice, extreme caution should be used.  Reports of several vehicles going through ice in the last week.  Clear ice over dark shallow bottoms like old road beds should be avoided.  Anglers are encouraged to take caution.
Dry Lake (Willow Lake):  Anglers report better success, catching walleye and jumbo perch.  Avoid pressure ridges.
Dry Lake (Clark): No report.
Indian Springs:  Reports of jumbo perch, pike, and limited walleye action to 22".  Action changes by the day.
Area Sloughs:  Very good action for perch ranging 9-14" on several smaller bodies of water.

Make Double P Ranch your ice fishing headquarters only minutes away from the hot action.

Lake Traverse, MN
(Courtesy of Todd Johnson at Wing N Fin Resort on Lake Traverse.  605-237-8323)
January 30, 2015:  south end of Traverse has good ice and is producing a mix of walleye and northern.  Traverse has appt. 15-18" of ice with vehicle traffic limited to mostly ATVs.  As always, caution should be taken around islands, rockpiles, and heaves. 
For more information, call Todd @ cell 605-237-8323, e-mail This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or visit

Eden, South Dakota  
Joe Honer  
No report.

Gary Gangle, Fish Hunter Guide Service 

No report.
Be sure to follow the daily action on our Facebook page - Fish Hunter Guide Service or our website recent photos of the good fishing.  If you are thinking about booking a ice fishing trip, now is the time to do it.  We hope to see you on the ice.  For personal fishing information, please call 605-448-5751 or 605-881-3854 and ask for Gary or Scott or e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Waubay Lake Guide Service
Cory Ewing
(605) 929-3894,
No report.

81 Ponds:
Walleyes fair and a few perch west pond.  A few perch east pond.

Antelope Lake:
Little activity.

Big Stone Lake:
Anglers continue to fish the entire length of the lake.  The perch bite has been spotty.  Anglers having the best luck seem to be targeting the central portion of the lake from Hartford Beach all the way down towards the Rearing Ponds Access.  The middle-of-the-day bite has become almost nonexistent.  The best fishing has been the first hour after sunrise and the last hour before sunset.  A few anglers are catching some walleye around the same timeframe on the north end of the lake.

Bitter Lake:
The fishing success on Bitter Lake has slowed over the past three weeks.  Anglers are still finding a few nice groups of perch and walleye, but fishermen have to work to find these concentrated schools of fish.

Blue Dog Lake:
Walleyes fair.

Casey's Slough:
Fishermen are catching walleye.  The walleye are on the smaller side with a few nicer fish being caught.

Cattail Lake:

Cottonwood Lake:
Anglers are catching a few decent sized pike throughout the day.

Dry Lake #1 (Clark):
Fishermen are catching a few walleye and perch.  Fishermen should use caution, as there is still open water on the lake.

Dry Lake #3 (Florence):
There are still some anglers trying their luck on some smaller walleye during the evening hours.

Dry Lake #2 (Willow Lake):
Fishermen are catching a few perch, walleye and northern pike.  Fishermen are marking fish, but the bite has been pretty slow.

Enemy Swim:
The pan fishing on Enemy Swim Lake continues to be productive for those anglers searching for bluegill and crappie.  Fishermen have also reported catching a few trophy walleye while pursuing pan fish or on tip-ups.

Goose Lake:
Some days are great with anglers bagging nice walleye and perch.  Other days have been poor with very few fish being caught.  Please be aware of through traffic and park your vehicles off the road.

Grass Lake:
Saw a few anglers try the lake this week.  Fishing was slower than it has been, but folks were able to pick up a walleye or two, along with some northern pike.

Horseshoe Lake:
Few walleyes.

Indian Springs:
Fishermen are catching a few nice walleye, perch and the occasional northern pike.

Kettle Lake:

Lake Hendricks:
A few perch.

Lake Kampeska:
The shacks are spread in many locations across the lake.  Success has been good at times for crappie, white bass, perch, northern pike and a few walleye.

Lake Pelican:
A few anglers have been trying Pelican this week.  There have been some shacks by Thompsons Point and scattered on the east end of the lake.  Other than a few northern, reports have been slow.

Lake Poinsett:
Fishnig remains consistent with fishermen catching a few really nice walleye over 20 inches and a few scattered perch and northern pike.  Reminder:  there is a 15" minimum length on walleye.

Lake Preston: 

Lake Thompson:
A few walleye and perch.  Crappie fair in Schaeffer's Slough.

Lake Traverse, MN:
Fair walleye bite on the northern end of the lake.  Be careful of ice heaves and other bad stops.

Lynn Lake:
Lynn Lake and Middle Lynn Lake were productive early last week for walleye, but over the course of the week, angler success declined.  Those who are catching walleye have been reporting good size to the walleye being caught.

West Oakwood:
A few walleye and perch.

Opitz Lake:
A few walleye are being caught in the morning and evening.

Pickerel Lake:
Anglers are catching a few crappies on the north end of the lake.

Piyas Lake:
Anglers moving around are catching a few walleye and perch.  Sounds like main lake points are producing a few walleye in the evenings.

The bite on Reetz Lake continues to be minimal, although the opportunity to catch a trophy walleye, smallmouth bass, crappie or perch is possible.

Richmond Lake:
Fishing has been slow.  Anglers have been catching a few small walleye.  Ice conditions have improved with the colder weather.  Anglers are reminded that walleye have to be 15 inches in length to keep, so bring your measuring boards.  There is open water by the North Bridge.

Roy Lake:
Slow.  A few northern pike and small perch are being caught.

A few walleye.

Swan Lake:
Little activity.  Few walleyes.

Waubay Lake:
Anglers have been concentrating near School Bus Point and on the southeast side of the lake.  Fishermen have reported a wide range of success while targeting perch, with a few fishermen obtaining their limit over the course of the entire day.

Fair for perch and a few walleye.

Hunting season license deadlines and Applications available on line:
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