Grant County

Population: 7,847
County Seat: Milbank
Square Miles: 691

Named in honor of President U.S. Grant, the county was created in 1873 during Grant's first term. First settlers were Mireau and Roberts in 1865, fur traders and then farmers near the present Big Stone Lake. The first post office was established in Inkpa City, which later was combined with Geneva and Big Stone City to form present Big Stone City. It took a court decision to settle a two year fight whether Big Stone City or Milbank would be the county seat. Big Stone City landmark is Chautauqua Park, an early day meeting place and resort. Between Albee and Revillo is the Old River Crossing, a place where the wagon trail crossed the Yellowbank River. Mount Tom or Big Tom in Alban Township is a large hill which served as a landmark. Legend claims an Indian named Tom is buried there. Milbank's most famous landmark is the Old Grist Mill or Holland Mill.

Milbank, SD
Located in: South Dakota
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